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MAY 2017

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Resources from NACE, the Worldwide Corrosion Authority® Papers presented at recent NACE corrosion conferences form the basis of this book. Authored by Yves Gunaltun it provides under one cover the latest advances as related to mechanism, prediction, monitoring, and control of CO and HS metal loss corrosion. Engineers will fi nd it to be an important addition to their library as it off ers an updated understanding on the topic's various aspects and orients research direction. $ 97 USD NACE Member, $ 130 USD List Price Item # 37623; ISBN: 978-1-57590-350-7 eBOOK ALSO AVAILABLE Believed to be the first-ever book on the subject for the oil and gas industry, this title provides a clear, concise definition of the corrosion management (CM) discipline, its process, products, shortcomings, and applications. Author Ali Morshed presents real case CM scenarios based on first-hand experiences to provide practical guidance in the mitigation of corrosion in oil and gas assets. $ 93 USD NACE Member, $ 125 USD List Price Item # 37619; ISBN: 978-1-57590-338-5 eBOOK ALSO AVAILABLE 1 800 797 6223 (U.S. & Canada) 1 281 228 6223 (worldwide) The latest developments, straight-forward guidance for oil & gas corrosion engineers.

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