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Corrosion Prevention and Control for Tanks 2017

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18 MAY 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP Stephanie Marie Chizik, Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine 72-Hour Countdown for Water Tank Repair Imagine the stopwatch starting before you even get to the job site for a steel tank lining and coating job. Imagine on top of that, when you arrive on site, there are enough holes in the steel to make it look a bit like Swiss cheese. With three days to get the town of Pol- lack, Louisiana's water tank back up and running, that was exactly the setup for the three-man crew from Global Coat. But for this seasoned crew, even those steep chal- lenges were winnable. A Better Option Even though the steel tank was heav- ily corroded, the client decided that coat- ing and lining the tank would be the best option. "The only other option before they found us was replacing the tank," explains Global Coat's President Steve Doxey. "That was going to cost them over $100,000, and they really didn't have that in their bud- get." In addition to being less expensive, the solution also had to be a fast one. " They only had a tiny other tank in which to use and store water, so when they emptied this one, time was of the essence," Doxey says. "A lot of people were without water and extremely low water pressure. We just couldn't do it fast enough for them." The polyurea system from Rhino Lin- ings, it seemed, made a great option. "The material that we selected has a 4-second gel time and has 80% cure in just a couple of hours," Doxey says. "I don't know any other material that has a gel of 4 seconds; once we were done they could be returned to service within a couple of hours." Tank Protection Articles In addition to a fast-set material, the three-person coatings crew on this project helped move things along. " The crew has lots of experience applying polyurea, and with something with such a fast gel time you really need to know what you're doing," Doxey says. The lead foreman on this job has 12 years of experience working with polyureas and the other two crew members have five years each. "Time was of the essence," Doxey says. Having the right crew and the right materi- als setup, things were looking good. On top of that, for the duration of the three days on site, the crew had good weather, according to Doxey. There was no rain or wind, two potential elements that can throw a wrench in the schedule, especially when working with sprayed materials. "The stars aligned

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