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Corrosion Prevention and Control for Tanks 2017

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22 MAY 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP Resources Industry Codes and Standards for Corrosion Prevention of Storage Tanks Corrosion is a leading cause of storage tank and piping failures. Government regulations often require that industry codes and standards be followed (where applicable) to ensure that a storage tank system is properly designed, constructed, installed, and main- tained. For example, all U.S. underground storage tank systems must be designed, constructed, and protected from corrosion in accor- dance with a code of practice developed by a nationally recognized association or independent testing laboratory. Current government regulations should be reviewed to determine if a code of practice is required to be followed in order to meet regulatory requirements. NACE International Standards NACE No. 10/SSPC-PA 6, "Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Lin- ings Applied to Bottoms of Carbon Steel Aboveground Storage Tanks" SP0104-2014 ( formerly RP0104), "The Use of Coupons for Cathodic Protection Monitoring Applications" SP0169-2013 ( formerly RP0169), "Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems" SP0177-2014 ( formerly RP0177), "Mitigation of Alternating Current and Lightning Effects on Metallic Structures and Corrosion Control Systems" SP0178-2007 ( formerly RP0178), "Design Considerations for Corro- sion Control of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete" SP0187-2008 ( formerly RP0178), "Design, Fabrication, and Surface Finish Practices for Tanks and Vessels to be Lined for Immersion Service" SP0188-2006 ( formerly RP0188), "Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of New Protective Coatings on Conductive Substrates" SP0193-2016 ( formerly RP0193), "External Cathodic Protection of On-Grade Carbon Steel Storage Tank Bottoms" SP0196-2015 ( formerly RP0196), "Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protec- tion of Internal Submerged Surfaces of Steel Water Storage Tanks" SP0205-2015 ( formerly RP0205), "Design, Fabrication, and Inspec- tion of Tanks for the Storage of Petroleum Refining Alkylation Unit Spent Sulfuric Acid at Ambient Temperatures" SP0285-2011 ( formerly RP0285), "Corrosion Control of Underground Storage Tank Systems by Cathodic Protection" SP0288-2011 ( formerly RP0288), "Inspection of Lining Application in Steel and Concrete Equipment" SP0298-2007 ( formerly RP0298), "Sheet Rubber Linings for Abrasion and Corrosion Service" SP0388-2014 ( formerly RP0388), "Impressed Current Cathodic Pro- tection of Internal Submerged Surfaces of Carbon Steel Water Stor- age Tanks" SP0294-2006 ( formerly RP0294), "Design, Fabrication, and Inspec- tion of Tanks for the Storage of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid and Oleum at Ambient Temperatures" SP0391-2016 ( formerly RP0391), "Materials for the Handling and Storage of Commercial Concentrated (90 to 100%) Sulfuric Acid at Ambient Temperatures" NACE International Test Methods TM0101-2012, "Measurement Techniques Related to Criteria for Cathodic Protection of Underground Storage Tanks" TM0174-2002, "Laboratory Methods for the Evaluation of Protective Coatings and Lining Materials on Metallic Substrates in Immersion Service" TM0177-2016, "Laboratory Testing of Metals for Resistance to Sul- fide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking in H 2 S Environ- ments" TM0187-2011, "Evaluating Elastomeric Materials in Sour Gas Envi- ronments" TM0296-2014, "Evaluating Elastomeric Materials in Sour Liquid Environments" TM0497-2012, "Measurement Techniques Related to Criteria for Cathodic Protection on Underground or Submerged Metallic Pip- ing Systems" NACE International Reports NACE Publication 05107, "Report on Corrosion Probes in Soil or Concrete" NACE Publication 6A192/SSPC TR 3, "Dehumidification and Tem- perature Control During Surface Preparation, Application, and Cur- ing for Coatings/Linings of Steel Tanks, Vessels, and Other Enclosed Spaces" NACE International standards and reports are a member benefit of the association. Log in to as a NACE member and download the documents you need at store. Not a NACE member? Find out more at

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