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Corrosion Prevention and Control for Tanks 2017

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6 MAY 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP The Tank Corrosion Doctor Anode Systems Company "Cancer of St eel" is my def inition of tank c orrosion. Tanks, like humans, have a life cycle from young, to middle age, to old. As they age, tanks develop iron stains, rust, scale, and pits. Tanks, like humans, get sick. Coatings are the first line of defense against the sickness of corrosion. Coating a tank is like washing your hands to prevent a cold or the f lu. Over time, coatings can become brittle, crack, and peel off. They lose their ability to protect the underlying steel. Installing anodes on tanks is like taking pills to reduce a fever or cold symptoms. They are like chemo in treating cancer. Impressed current cathodic protection (CP) is like radiation for bare tanks. With enough cancer-fighting electrons from anodes, a tank can live a long, normal life. Magnesium and impressed cur- rent anode systems can put corrosion into remission. They will not have to be patched or have new bottoms installed. Corrosion prevention is the key to extending the life of a tank. When choosing a doctor, you want one with a good educa- tion and experience. Mr. Schmoldt received degrees in geolog- ical engineering and geology in the 1970s from the University of Missouri at Rolla. Mr. Schmoldt began his career in corro- sion protection in the 1960s and 1970s working for Schmoldt Engineering in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. His internship was spent on construction crews every summer installing surface and deep well rectifier systems nationwide. He has worked for many ancestral oil and gas pipeline companies to today's pipe- line companies. In 1984, he formed Anode Systems Company in Grand Junction, Colorado. In the last 32 years, Anode Systems has pioneered new and innovative solutions to protecting pota- ble water storage tanks, produced water lease tanks, under- ground storage tanks (USTs), and gasoline, diesel, chemical, and underground propane tanks. This specialist has 40 years of experience in installing and 32 years designing 556 UST anode systems and can write reports that tank owners understand. Anode Systems sponsored the first UST seminar in Colo- rado in 1987. Anode Systems gave the first class on corrosion prevention on underground propane tanks in 1993. Anode Sys- tems sponsored its first seminar on corrosion protection for produced water tanks in 2010. Since 1987 Anode Systems has conducted 84 classes or seminars in 22 states to tank owners on CP design, testing, repairs, and maintenance of CP systems. ANODE SYSTEMS COMPANY 124 N. 22nd Ct. Grand Junction, CO 81501 Tel: +1 970-260-2775 Web site: Hans Schmoldt, NACE Cathodic Protection Specialist #4162 Anode Systems can diagnose whether your tank has a cold, the flu, or cancer. Remember, there are many causes of cancer and there are many causes of corrosion. Anode Systems makes house calls to wherever your tanks are located. From Alaska to Florida and from the East Coast to the West Coast. Mr. Schmoldt will utilize his education and expertise to engineer cost-effective CP solutions. He personally intends to actively pursue this work through 2025.

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