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Corrosion Prevention and Control for Tanks 2017

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10 MAY 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP Protect Your Tanks from Corrosion Inside and Out Denso Ta n k a n d pi p e li ni n g pro du c t s to prot e c t y o u r t a n k s inside and out. Archco linings and coatings are designed specifically to protect steel and concrete surfaces from aggressive environments. Denso provides a multitude of tank/pipe lining systems for differ- ent temperatures and environments to protect against corrosion for tanks, internal pipe, exchangers, knock-out drums, chime areas, bund areas, pressure valves, pressure vessels, and more. The coatings and linings will protect against crude oil, seawater, wastewater, fuels, solvents, lubricants, and acids. In business for over 134 years, Denso is recognized as the global leader in corrosion prevention. Case History On a recent tank project in South Texas at a major refinery, the Archco 400/453HT was selected as the coating of choice for this tank application. The tank holds refinery process water that con- tains high levels of H 2 S. The 400/453HT was selected because the system has low water permeation and vapor transmission and the 453HT has excellent chemical resistance to H 2 S. The application called for a NACE No. 2/ SSPC-SP 10 near white metal blast with an anchor profile of 3 to 5 mils dry film thickness (DFT). The Archco 400 was applied at an average of 5 mils DFT, with the Archco 453HT at 25 to 30 mils DFT. The total system was 30 to 35 mils DFT. The tank was 100% holiday tested to insure that it was pin hole free prior to putting back in service. Benefits of Archco Linings & Coatings • Very low permeability • Cures at temperatures down to 35 °F (2 °C) • Excellent temperatures resistance (up to 400 °F/203 °C) • Fast dry and set times • High build up to 40 mils in one coat • Excellent adhesion • Tough abrasion resistance • Excellent chemical resistance • Microbiologically influenced corrosion and acid resistance • Cures under cool and damp climates • Excellent undercutting resistance • Good flexibility and impact resistance • Can be airless or plural sprayed • Long working life 9747 Whithorn Dr., Houston, TX 77095 Tel: +1 281-821-3355 Fax: +1 281-821-0304. E-mail: Web site:

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