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VAPOR PHASE CORROSION INHIBITORS ticle inhibitor had a lower velocity of 3 to 4 ft/s and nonuniform flow. References 1. B.A. Miksic, Preservation, Lay-up and Moth- balling Handbook, 3rd ed . (St. Paul , MN : Cortec Corp., 2014). 2. M. Kharshan, C. Cracauer, "Applications for Biodegradable Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhib- itors," MP 50, 3 (2011). 3. B.A. Miksic, M. Kharshan, R . Camp, " Wa- ter-Based Coatings Powered by Nanoparticle Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors," MP 54, 6 (2015). 4. B.A. Miksic, R.H. Miller, "Fundamental Prin- cipals of Corrosion Protection with Vapor Phase Inhibitors," 5th European Symposium on Corrosion Inhibitors, Italy, 1980. 5. J. Holden, A. Hansen, A. Furman, R. Kharshan, E. Austin, " Vapor Corrosion inhibitors in Hy- dro-testing and Long Term Storage Applica- tions," CORROSION 2010, paper no. 10405 (Houston, TX: NACE International, 2010). 6. Z. Li, C. Zhang, J. Zhu, "Numerical Study of the Effect of Particle Size on the Coating Effi- ciency and Uniformity of an Electrostatic Powder Coating Process," The Canadian J. of Chemical Engineering 83, 10 (2005). 7. L. Czepirski, M.R . Balys, E. Komorowska- Czepirska, "Some Generalization of Lang- muir Adsorption Isotherm ," Internet J. of Chemistry 14, 3 (2000). 8. M. Lagrenée, B. Mernari, M. Bouanis, M. Trais- nel, F. Bentiss, "Study of the Mechanism and Inhibiting Efficiency of 3,5-bis(4-methylthio- phenyl)-4H-1,2,4-triazole on Mild Steel Corro- sion in Acidic Media," Corr. Sci. 44, 3 (2002). 9. B. Bavarian, Y. Ikder, B. Samimi, L. Reiner, B.A. Miksic, "Implementation of Vapor Cor- rosion Inhibitors to Improve Corrosion Pro- tection Effectiveness of Dry Air System," Eu- rocorr 2015, Graz, Austria, Sept. 2015. 10. B. Bavarian, L. Reiner, H. Youssefpour, "Vapor Phase Inhibitors to Extend the Life of Aging Aircraft," CORROSION 2005, paper no. 05329 (Houston, TX: NACE 2005). 11. A. Trunschke, Surface Area and Pore Size De- termination ; Modern Methods in Heteroge- neous Catalysis Research (2007). 12. NACE TM0208-2013, "Standard Test Method L aborator y Test to Evaluat e th e Vapor - Inhibiting Ability of Volatile Corrosion Inhib- itor Materials for Temporary Protection of FIGURE 9 SEM micrographs of steel sample after VIA tests. Superior performance for VCI-A nano exposed samples. The black dots on the VCI-A nano samples are mainly alloy inclusions. FIGURE 10 Comparison of corrosion behavior of UNS G10180 steel, continuous exposure (120 days above mist sand corrosion tests, 200 ppm Cl- solution added to sand bed every 72 h). Conclusions The effectiveness of commercially avail- able VCI powders with different particle size was evaluated. Conventional powder size and nanoparticle powder inhibiting effec- tiveness was compared. Optical micros- copy post VIA corrosion tests revealed that the particle size of inhibitor powder has a significant influence on the degree of pro- tection. The nanoparticle inhibitor showed a corrosion rating of Grade 4 and >41% decrease on the corrosion rate. Surface cov- erage also appeared to improve, mainly due to the increase of effective surface area and the partial pressure of VCIs as powder par- ticle size is reduced. Adsorption energy was roughly –16,740 J/mol for the nanoparticle size inhibitor, while adsorption energy was roughly –13,660 J/mol for the coarse-par- ticle-size inhibitor, indicative of a strong physical adsorption to the metal surface for both inhibitors. But VCI-A-Nano showed a stronger interaction with the steel surface than the coarse inhibitor, leading to better corrosion protection. Continuous expo- sure in mist sand corrosion tests verified the corrosion rate reduction by a factor of 10. The laser Doppler anemometry mea- surement using the Doppler shift in a laser beam to measure the flow velocity showed a velocity of 6 ft/s for the nanoparticle inhibi- tor and uniform flow, while the coarse-par- 8 JUNE 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE CORTEC SUPPLEMENT TO MP 8 JUNE 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE CORTEC SUPPLEMENT TO MP

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