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MAR 2018

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12 MARCH 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM VIEWPOINT VIEWPOINT Samir Degan NACE International President, 2017-2018 I Outgoing President's Message Institute (NII), IMPACT PLUS is an online network of tools, includ- ing a customized corrosion management process classification framework, corrosion management maturity model, and an extensive reference library. The portal can be accessed at w w Another NII activity this year was the acquisition of the Master Painters Institute (MPI). Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, MPI is the leading paint performance certification organi- zation in North America. In this new partnership, NII and MPI are providing information on architectural and industrial coatings to meet business requirements, as well as advancing the quality of training and certification opportunities in these fields. I also commend NACE for its excellent relationships with other societies and events, including SLOM (the Latin American Society of Oil Marine Terminals and Monobuoys Operators), the European Federation of Corrosion, the annual corrosion congress EURO- CORR, the Australasian Corrosion Association, the Society of Petro- leum Engineers, and many others. We are mutually providing sup- port for one another's initiatives where we have common ground in the corrosion field. We are also seeing increased recognition from governments and decision makers across the globe, with standards agreements in place, support for programs such as education and training, and an expanding presence in the maritime industry. These are just a sampling of some of the many activities con- ducted by NACE members and staff that are furthering our mission and worldwide reach. My wife Shalini and I sincerely thank you for your generous hospitality this year—it has been an honor serving you. We warmly welcome incoming President Jeffrey Didas and First Lady Jenny as we continue to expand this great organization. Samir Degan I t has been my pleasure to serve you as president of NACE International for the 2017-2018 term. A lthough there have been some challenges related to the economy—primarily energ y prices that affect the corrosion industry—NACE members and staff have worked hard to ensure the continued success of the association. With the use of strategic planning throughout the organization and carefully studying all aspects of our business, we have identif ied ways to continue and grow our focus of reaching and effectively serving today's corrosion control professionals around the world. There are several initiatives that I am especially proud of. First, NACE's commitment to leadership training is positioning the orga- nization for even greater growth and success. The Leadership Train- ing Program, available to members, teaches new skills and encour- ages the pursuit of leadership roles within the association, as well as in the corrosion professional's workplace. In fact, a highlight of CORROSION 2018 next month is the Leadership Forum on April 17, where attendees will learn from a highly experienced panel of leaders on how to enhance their personal and professional lives. The strategic planning efforts that are being conducted and executed by the Board of Directors and other areas of NACE are expanding and enhancing activities that include products, pro- grams, and services; global reach; and other ways to best serve the corrosion industry. As a result of this process, I have witnessed improved communications across NACE, both internally and exter- nally, which will only increase as we move forward with this impor- tant and continuing strategic activity. There have been some milestone accomplishments this year, one of which was the release of IMPACT PLUS. This is a follow up to the 2016 IMPACT study, which identifies and describes corrosion con- trol management strategies that could save hundreds of billions of dollars per year, and further protect public safety and the environ- ment. IMPACT PLUS is a portal that provides tools to put the report's findings into practice. A project of the NACE International Get the latest corrosion news online and on-the-go! Brought to you by Materials Performance (MP), the world's largest circulation magazine dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control.

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