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MAR 2018

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MARCH 2018 VOL. 57, NO. 3 IN THIS ISSUE CORROSION PREVENTION AND CONTROL WORLDWIDE MATERIALS PERFORMANCE When designed and installed properly, an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system for reinforced concrete structures is a proven technology that provides long-term corrosion prevention for marine structures. An ICCP system was installed and commissioned in 1999 on Wharves 4 and 5 at the Port of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Three years ago, the concrete structures and ICCP system were assessed to determine if any renovation work was needed to sustain the ICCP system and extend the service life of the wharves for another 30 years. A new ICCP system design, described in the feature article on p. 28, moved the electronics from underneath the wharves; reduced the number of CP zones; decreased the amount of control units needed for the overall system; and utilized a global supervised power system that required less cabling. Photo courtesy of Atef Cheaitani, Remedial Technology Pty., Ltd. CHEMICAL TREATMENT 54 Durability of Concrete Modified with Superabsorbent Polymers Li Faping, Liu Jiesheng, Yuan Jiadou, He Xiang, and Zhang Rongtang COATINGS & LININGS 42 Effects of Silane Additives on Corrosion Resistance and Durability of Mortar Liu Jiesheng, Gong Xiaoqiang, Li Faping, He Xiang, and Zhang Rongtang 47 Coatings & Linings Essentials MATERIALS SELECTION & DESIGN 60 Sulfide Stress Cracking Failures of Tubing Couplings Jeetendra Gupta, Abhay Kujur, Maushumi K. Talukdar, I.A. Ahmad, and Anil Bhardwaj CORROSION MANAGEMENT 64 Monitoring Reinforcement Corrosion in Concretes for Nuclear Facilities Damián R. Vazquez and Gustavo S. Duffó About the Cover SPECIAL FEATURE 28 Protecting Concrete Wharves with Cathodic Protection Kathy Riggs Larsen 75TH ANNIVERSARY MP CLASSIC 34 Cathodic Protection Criteria for Prestressed Concrete Pipe— An Update Sylvia C. Hall 2 MARCH 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM 28

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