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MAR 2018

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NACE NEWS 70 MARCH 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM NACE Volunteers in the Crowd G opi Bylapudi has been a NACE International member and NACE volunteer for three years. Because NACE and the NACE Foundation gave him a wonderful opportu- nity to meet corrosion experts and learn about the vast subject of corrosion from them, he decided that becoming a NACE volunteer was something he wanted to pursue. "It gave me an opportunity to network with the corrosion community members, which helped me during my research studies. So, I wanted to give back to the community as I received, and that is when I decided to volunteer with NACE." Fortunately, when Bylapudi was working toward becoming more involved in the NACE community three years ago, he received an email from the NACE Foundation describing its vol- unteering opportunities. He thought, "What's better than to share one's knowledge?" So Bylapudi contacted the NACE Foun- dation staff members, and from that day forward he has continu- ously volunteered at the NACE CORROSION conference and plans to continue to do so. "Corrosion is a slow process, but a serious problem. And I want to explain that to the next generation and the opportunities surrounding the subject," he says. "I've been volunteering at CORROSION conference every year in the program 'CORROSION: Opportunities Realized,' interacting with young high school students, and teaching them some cool experiments. My love toward teaching made this expe- rience a memorable one, and I have decided to do that every year." Bylapudi mentions that his volunteer work with NACE utilizes his skills when he interacts with high school stu- dents and teaches the younger generation about something he finds fascinating, which is challenging and interesting. As a corrosion professional, he notes that volunteering improves his skills technically because he uses the opportu- nity to revise and polish his technical knowledge. "It helped me to grow as an individual and gave me an opportunity to network with peers and experts. I believe one day it will be a great help without even knowing." Volunteer: Gopi Bylapudi Professional Position: Ph.D. candidate in engineering science at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, USA. Professional Role in Corrosion: New product development engineer/researcher. One thing Bylapudi likes about the program, "CORROSION: Opportunities Realized," is that volunteering every year brings him face-to-face with a new group of potential next-generation corrosion engineers, and he can share with them the opportuni- ties available in the industry while teaching them about corrosion. As one of the corrosion engineers working for the mining industry, Bylapudi also recently joined the newly formed Specific Technology Group (STG) 47, "Corrosion in Mining and Mineral Processing." The technical committee members are committed to working with other corrosion experts in the mining industry regarding corrosion issues. As part of the group, he will have the opportunity to vote, help prepare the standards, and participate in technology exchange groups on corrosion in the mining and mineral processing industry. If you are interested in becoming a NACE volunteer, please browse open opportunities at Gopi Bylapudi teaches local high school students about corrosion during "CORROSION: Opportunities Realized" at CORROSION 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. VOLUNTEERS SPOTLIGHT

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