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12 MAY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP The Trusted Global Leader in Industrial Garnet GMA Garnet Group Company GMA Garnet Group is the world's leading garnet producer that controls the supply chain from mine to customer. For over 35 years, GMA has been providing highest quality garnet to the abrasive industry. In recent years, they have made significant investments in production capacity to ensure their products remain available to customers. GMA believes in supporting their customers and leading industry improvements. As GMA is the only garnet supplier that owns the source, processing, and distribution of their products, they not only set the highest standards, but consistently deliver to these standards. GMA offers secure garnet supplies, deep expert advice, and have a complete range of premium abrasive products for improved, fast, and effective results. Their products are used for any surface preparation requirement, from removing resistant coatings and heavy rust to polishing glass and delicate restoration work. GMA Garnet TM products are distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide, directly from their own warehouses and through more than 90 distributor outlets. Throughout the world, garnet is recognized as the leading high-performance, cost- efficient, and safe choice for a wide variety of blasting applications. GMA's dedicated sales team stands ready to assist customers to select the best garnet abrasive to meet their unique project specifications. And wherever garnet is used, GMA products set the standard. Product GMA Garnet TM is produced from both alluvial and hard rock garnet in almandine form, which is known for its natural hardness and durability. The inert nature and unique physical properties make almandine garnet an ideal abrasive blasting media. GMA Garnet TM is used throughout the surface preparation industr y worldwide and is approved by major oil companies, shipyards, and paint manufacturers. It provides a wide range of competitive advantages: • High performing—use a lower volume of abrasive that blasts faster • Cost effective—lower labor, clean-up, and disposal costs • Cleaner finish—little to no embedment • Recyclable—can be recycled up to five times • Produces less dust—improved operator safety • Contains no hazardous compounds—environmentally friendly

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