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14 MAY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP For People Who Read the Articles MESA MESA's services division encompasses engineering, cathodic protection, vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI ® ), and other integrity services for tanks, terminals, and pipelines. These unique capabilities make our comprehensive aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and piping corrosion control packages unmatched in the industry. MESA is distinctively positioned as a single source corro- sion solutions provider for all terminal assets. • Total corrosion control system design, engineering, instal- lations, and maintenance • Cathodic protection (CP) systems of all types—specializing in under tank HDD systems • Exclusive distributor/applicator of Corrologic™ corrosion inhibitor systems for ASTs and cased pipeline crossings • Underground piping CP system design, engineering, instal- lations, and maintenance • In-service mitigation of corrosion under insulation (CUI) with Corrologic™ corrosion inhibitor systems • Real-time corrosion rate monitoring systems Corrosion Control Solutions Utilizing VpCI ® MESA and Cortec Corp. bring a unique solution to control cor- rosion of ASTs and other types of assets. Cortec Corp. is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of VpCI ® products and tech- nologies. VpCI ® products are used in a wide variety of applications and are environmentally friendly. Various solutions offered by MESA that incorporate VpCI ® technology include: • ASTs of all types, with both in-service and out-of-service systems available • Real-time corrosion rate monitoring programs • CUI for pipelines and vessels • Corrosion control during hydro-testing of pipelines and vessels • Corrosion preservation of all types of equipment during layup and storage CorroLogic™ VpCI ® System for ASTs Over 30 years of corrosion inhibitor research, combined with many AST field installations, provide assurance and confidence that the CorroLogic™ Systems for ASTs are effective. The Corro- sion Solutions group of MESA is authorized by Cortec Corp. to exclusively provide the CorroLogic™ Systems for ASTs in the United States and Canada. The enclosed interstitial spaces below AST floors provide the perfect environment for effective corrosion mitigation with migrating corrosion inhibitors. MESA offers Corro- Logic™ VpCI ® systems for ASTs custom-engineered for any type of service. • C o r r o L o g i c™ C o r r o si o n In h i b i t o r Pa c k e t S t r i p System—Cortec VpCI® powder is packaged in Tyvek pack- ets that are connected in 50-foot long strips. These strips PO Box 52608 Tulsa, OK 74152 Tel: 1 888-800-MESA (6372) or +1 918-627-3188 Web site: are installed under tank floors before the tank pad sand is applied. • C orroL og i c™ Thr u-th e-Flo or Sy st em for O ut -of- Service ASTs—Cortec VpCI ® powder is mixed with water and pumped through temporary ports installed in the tank floor. This provides excellent distribution of the corrosion inhibitor under the f loor and an aggressive treatment of active soil-side corrosion. • CorroLogic™ System for In-Service ASTs—A special process is used to install a network of perforated PVC pipe through the sand tank pad inside the interstitial space. Cortec VpCI ® powder is then mixed into a solution and pumped through the injection pipes for distribution throughout the interstitial space. Tim Whited VpCI ® and CorroLogic ™ - Subject Matter Expert Phone: 303.589.1166 - Max Moll Tanks and Terminals - Corrosion Control Expert Phone: 918.998.3355 - Mark Cadle Director - Corrosion Solutions Phone: 419.204.0791 - Jay Keldsen Director - Business Development Phone: 330-283-0453 -

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