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6 MAY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP Cortec Corporation CorroLogic ® : A Logical Solution to Soil-Side Corrosion Challenges on Aboveground Storage Tanks! Soil-Side Corrosion Problem Soil-side corrosion is perceived to be a principal cause of storage tank failure and imposes a major environmental and oper- ational challenge worldwide. With thousands of aboveground stor- age tanks (ASTs) installed, the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region is a prime example. Ingress of chlorides and other corrosive species from the native soil and groundwater through the tank pad, along with the presence of bacteria such as sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), are believed to be the main causes for soil-side cor- rosion. Airborne chlorides and moisture can seep into the under- tank environment through the chime area, causing annular plates to corrode. Treatment Methods and Limitations Several techniques have been adopted to mitigate soil-side cor- rosion of AST floors, such as bituminous/oily sand, cathodic pro- tection (CP) systems, and coatings. However, total effectiveness of these techniques, standalone or combined, has been questionable. The bituminous layer hardens and cracks as it ages, creating a corrosive environment that traps moisture and corrosive species between the underside of the tank floor and construction pad. Also, the presence of inevitable air gaps below the AST prevents the tank floor from being in direct contact with the sand (electrolyte), conse- quently blocking CP current at such locations and preventing uni- form CP distribution on the underside surface of the tank bottom. CorroLogic ® VpCI ® in Action There is a growing industrial awareness about the advantage of introducing Cortec ® Corporation's CorroLogic ® vapor phase cor- rosion inhibitors (VpCIs ® ) into the tank pad. The unique ability of CorroLogic ® VpCIs to protect areas that cannot be reached by traditional CP makes it an ideal treatment to be used in conjunc- tion with CP or by itself when CP is deficient or absent. Utilizing the power of Cortec's VpCIs, CorroLogic ® is able to vaporize and disperse through open areas below an AST. When the VpCIs reach a metal surface, they adsorb and form a protective molecular bar- rier to guard against corrosion, providing an added dimension of protection to under-tank areas. CorroLogic ® can be added to an AST in several different forms, enabling application to new or existing tanks. During construction, CorroLogic ® pouches can be placed on an AST's high-density poly- ethylene (HDPE) liner and left to emit VpCIs below the tank sur- face. For in-service ASTs, a CorroLogic ® Slurry is injected beneath the tank floor through the existing monitoring or leakage detection 4119 White Bear Parkway St. Paul, MN 55110 Tel: +1 651-429-1100 Fax: +1 651-429-1122 Email: Web site: pipes or through injection pipes post-installed through the con- crete ring beam. For out-of-service ASTs, CorroLogic ® Powder is fogged through the tank floor into the under-tank area and allowed to diffuse. Successful Research and Implementation Since the successful implementation of Cortec's CorroLogic ® on a 107-m crude oil tank at a major oil and gas facility in the Arabian Peninsula in 2011, research and successful implementation of CorroLogic ® AST solutions have continued across the Gulf Coop- eration Council countries. Owing to its flexibility and effectiveness, CorroLogic ® will remain a logical choice for protecting ASTs from soil-side corrosion. For more information on Cortec's innovative CorroLogic ® sys- tems, please visit: CorroLogic.pdf.

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