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8 MAY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM TANK CORROSION CONTROL SUPPLEMENT TO MP De Nora Tech, LLC Pond Chooses De Nora LIDA ® Mixed Metal Anodes for Best Performance Pond is a full-service A-E firm based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Through Pond's Energy division, the corrosion control group supports a diverse, global client base that consists of owners of both pipeline and storage assets for liquid petroleum products and natural gas. One of Pond's largest corrosion clients is the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). In addition, Pond provides corro- sion engineering services for power generation, nuclear power, water/wastewater, and the marine industries. As such, Pond's team of NACE International-accredited corrosion professionals is rou- tinely tasked with designing and specifying cathodic protection (CP) solutions for assets where design conditions var y widely including operating environment, electrolyte resistivity, coating quality, and CP current demands. As such, Pond regularly chooses DeNora LIDA ® mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes as our go-to anode material of choice, and LIDA ® is a name that we trust. Br yan Evans, Pond's Vice President of Corrosion Control , attests to the quality and value that LIDA ® anodes provide for our clients. "In my twenty (20) plus years in the corrosion industry, I have witnessed the industry evolve from graphite and cast-iron anodes, and more to mixed metal oxide anodes in the recent past." Having previously worked for a LIDA ® anode distributor, Evans had direct responsibility for overseeing product manufacturing, includ- ing the quality control testing associated with each LIDA ® anode. "I understand the manufacturing process, and truly feel that the LIDA ® products are a superior material. I have a high degree of con- fidence that the LIDA ® anodes will not fail prematurely if manufac- tured and installed properly." Pond regularly challenges the design team to provide the most cost-effective corrosion control solution for clients. During the design process, Pond engineers are required to make critical design decisions to ensure specified materials will perform in a variety of environments around the world. Pond's clients rely on the design team to recommend and/or supply products that will perform at a high level in harsh conditions. It is critical to Pond that any materi- als provide dependable product performance for many years, and yet at the same time are easily installed. Pond finds that LIDA ® anodes meet these rigorous project requirements for our clients over and over again. As an installer, Pond uses LIDA ® anodes for their ease of instal- lation, high current output compared to other materials, long life expectancy, and product quality. Pond recently completed a CP installation for the DoD at a remote location outside of the conti- nental U.S. Through the design evaluation, the project team deter- mined a need for a lightweight anode material that would provide high current demands in the very corrosive coastal area. The proj- ect materials were transported via container ship from the U.S. to the remote project location. With the product durability that LIDA ® MMO anodes provide, Pond was not concerned with a heavy brittle material, and having the anodes show up damaged, which in turn would delay project completion. In addition, the lightweight tita- nium substrate saved the client a great deal of money in freight costs and eased the installation. The CP system installation was successfully completed on time and ahead of budget with the cur- rent output we expected to achieve. As we look forward, and as the needs for corrosion control within the industries we serve continues to grow, Pond expects our client needs for LIDA ® anodes to grow proportionately. Pond looks forward to a long working relationship with DeNora, and the qual- ity and value their products provide to our clients. 7590 Discovery Lane Concord, OH 44077 Tel: +1 346-333-9393 Web site: 3500 Parkway Lane, Ste. 500 Peachtree Corners, GA 30092 Tel: +1 678-336-7740 Web site:

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