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Online Injection of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors to Extend Storage Tank Floor Life • Integration focus: Implementation of lessons learned from existing plants to growth projects • Financials: Savings by avoiding major replacements that include specialized services, and revenue when plant reli- ability and availability increase • Human resources: Savings by reducing the manpower requirements for jacking up and replacing the bottom plate • Corporate responsibility : Prevent the unexpected leakage of hydrocarbons to the groundbed and the surrounding environment, which can be a safety and environment hazard. Conclusions Engineered systems utilizing VCI tech- nology offer an important supplement for mitigation of AST floor corrosion. These sys- tems are economical, effective, and can be installed on a retrofit basis without disrupt- ing tank service. The reading of corrosion rate data provides confidence that if the VCI chemistry is effectively delivered under the tank bottoms, and if the intrusion of fresh air and water under the tanks are eliminated, soil-side floor plate corrosion will be miti- gated. The results of the VCI project in Suhar conclude the following realities: • VCI can be effectively injected under- neath ASTs during on-stream service without any disturbance to operation and corporate business. • VCIs can extend the serviceable life of ASTs in case of absent protection such as insufficient protection from CP. • ER probes can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of VCI in reducing soil- side corrosion by exploring the corro- sive rate of the soil environment. • VCI accomplishment is time-depen- dent and related to the soil properties in order to reach complete protection with enough concentration. Acknowledgements Th e auth ors w o ul d li ke to e xt en d their sincere thanks to the management of O RPIC for th eir invaluable suppor t throughout the project. References 1. A. Meraufel, M. Al-Hajri, K. Abed, "Mitigation of Soil-Side Corrosion on Storage Tank Bottoms in the Absence or Deficient of CP System," paper no. MECCFEB16-7795, 16th Middle East Corrosion Conference, Bahrain (2010). 2. P.R. Roberge, Corrosion Inspection and Monitor- ing (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2007). 3. N. Al Abri, J.R. Nair, A. Al Ghafri, F. Al Mawali, "Premature Failure of API 650 Oil Storage Tank Bottom Plates Due to Soil Side Corrosion," CORROSION 2017, paper no. 9025 (Houston, TX: NACE International, 2017). 4. T. Whited, X. Yu, R. Tems, "Mitigating Soil-Side Corrosion on Crude Oil Tank Bottoms Using Vol- atile Corrosion Inhibitors," CORROSION 2013, paper no. 2242 (Houston, TX: NACE, 2013). This article is based on CORROSION 2018 paper no. 11428, presented in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. ASAD R. AL GHAFRI is a senior material and corrosion engineer at Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industries Co. (ORPIC), Sohar Industrial Port, PO Box 282 PC 322, Sohar, Oman, email: He has seven years of experience in this position, with five years of previous experi- ence in refinery operations. He is a member of NACE International. JAYANT R. NAIR is a senior material and corrosion engineer at ORPIC, email: jayant. Nair has extensive experi- ence in material selection, risk-based inspec- tion/integrity operating windows implemen- tation, and corrosion control and monitoring of hydrocarbon, water, and steam systems, and is a member of NACE. NAIF AL ABRI is a senior material and corro- sion engineer at ORPIC, and is involved in developing corrosion control documents, corrosion loops, and mechanical integri- ty-related critical operating envelopes. Abri analyzes and checks the addition of chemi- cal inhibitors and investigates incidents and failures related to integrity and system failures, and is a member of NACE. LATIFA AL SHIBLI is a material and corrosion engineer at ORPIC, email: latifa.alshibli@ Al Shibli has four years of experi- ence in this position, and is the leader of a VCI phase two project. 9 CORTEC SUPPLEMENT TO MP MATERIALS PERFORMANCE JUNE 2018

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