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Corrosion Management for Pipeline Integrity 2018

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16 JUNE 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM CORROSION MANAGEMENT FOR PIPELINE INTEGRIT Y SUPPLEMENT TO MP Pipeline Protection Partners MISTRAS GROUP, INC. Pipeline inspection data management is often a fragmented process for many pipeline operators. Historical inspection data are often stored in spreadsheets and file cabinets throughout an orga- nization, and for some assets, these data simply doesn't exist. But to perform the advanced, critical engineering calculations you need to make sure your pipeline is operating safely and efficiently, centralizing and easily accessing your data is essential. MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG)—a leading, global OneSource pro- vider of asset protection solutions—partners with pipeline opera- tors to centralize their pipeline management program by providing comprehensive sets of integrated service, equipment, and software solutions. Using the industry-proven Plant Condition Management Soft- ware (PCMS ® , used by approximately 50% of the U.S. refining capacity, many pipeline and mid-stream operators, and upstream production facilities), MISTRAS helps operators implement a risk- based integrity management (IM) program. In these programs, an asset's criticality is assessed by analyzing the probability and con- sequence of failure. This allows maintenance to be prioritized on potentially higher-risk problem areas, determined in part by ana- lyzing all of the pipeline's available historical inspection data, materials of construction, operating conditions, repair history, and location near critical population and environmental areas. Risk-based criticality assessments help maximize pipeline safety and integrity, allowing operators to save on emergency repair costs and to make more informed decisions on pipeline manage- ment budgeting. Industry regulations require operators to meet a wide range of data management conditions, including developing a risk-based IM plan through inspection and engineering support and integrat- ing assessment results with all other relevant data. PCMS ® is ideal for both, as it functions as a warehouse to organize all data from new construction through pipeline integrity assessments for quick, efficient retrieval, combined with the power to perform advanced, risk-based engineering calculations. If PCMS ® is implemented while lines are being constructed, an effective mechanical integrity program can be implemented the day the pipeline is put into ser- vice. This means that rather than losing or misplacing data in spreadsheets across a company over years of operation, centralized data can be uniformly stored and analyzed to make more informed maintenance decisions. As a one-source provider, MISTRAS streamlines all phases of pipeline management. As part of a comprehensive pipeline protec- tion plan, MISTRAS: • Provides engineering support during the pipeline's design and construction. • Completes new construction inspections and integrity assessments. 195 Clarksville Rd. Princeton Jct., NJ 08550 • Performs coating and other light maintenance work to repair defects. • Remotely monitors assets to provide early warning of potential damage areas. • Designs and implements risk-based IM programs. • Prioritizes pipeline components to be inspected based on sophisticated risk algorithms. Many pipeline operators are not equipped with the resources and subject matter experts in each field to tackle a comprehensive program on their own. And since each activity requires its own set of data that is most effective when analyzed together, a software application like PCMS ® is crucial to integrate the process. Through PCMS ® , pipeline operators can avoid uncertainty about potentially overlooking data that may predict a pipeline failure. In serving as a pipeline protection partner with operators from new construction inspections through pipeline integrity projects, MISTRAS provides and centralizes the critical data you need to keep your assets streaming smoothly. Learn more at Plant Condition Management Software

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