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Corrosion Management for Pipeline Integrity 2018

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6 JUNE 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM CORROSION MANAGEMENT FOR PIPELINE INTEGRIT Y SUPPLEMENT TO MP AlMaps Email: Tel: 1 800-674-3584 Web site: Thanks to smartphones, we all want and expect instant access to information—email, calendars, driving directions, social media, and much more. This at-your-fingertips technology has made our lives so much simpler and more convenient. What if the same cen- tralized, easy-access to information that you have on your smart- phone was available for your pipeline management and mapping tasks? Now it is: AIMaps. An Innovative Idea Becomes Reality My colleague, Justin Thatcher, and I developed AIMaps because we knew there had to be a better, easier, more efficient way to do our jobs in the pipeline industry. We had worked as corrosion tech- nicians before founding our own pipeline contractor firm, so we both had experienced first-hand the frustration of not being able to record, find, or access the asset-related information we needed when we were on the road or in the field. So, we conceptualized a new web-based desktop and mobile asset management application for our firm that would be intuitive, flexible, and secure—much like the interface of the smartphones we all carry—and that could be accessed on a computer or mobile device. We knew that if we could bring this innovative platform concept to fruition, it would not only make our own lives easier, it would become the must-have industry standard for pipeline asset management. Our vision has become reality. And it's revolutionizing the way pipeline companies do their work. Every Asset, at a Glance AIMaps offers a ground-breaking, streamlined control center where you can see all of your pipeline stats at 10,000 feet, eliminat- ing the mind-numbing process of pulling reports one-by-one to try to analyze a user's area of operation. Now, with AIMaps, any user—whether a manager, supervisor, or corrosion tech—can see the big picture in an instant, including: • The total number of assets • The number of pipelines • How many miles of pipeline they are covering • The total percentage of asset repairs needed • Open survey projects • The number of outstanding installs From there, you can see a list of pipelines in your area and sort them in numerous different ways, such as by length, open projects, or technician. Then if needed, you can drill down into a specific A View from the Top: A Revolutionary Asset Management Control Center By Deke Wright , CEO and cofounder of AIMaps pipeline to get a more detailed view and even see it all on a map inside of the AIMaps platform—even off-line in remote areas. In a sense, Justin and I created AIMaps for ourselves—to make our own jobs easier—but along the way, we also created a solution to streamline workf low processes of other pipeline compa- nies. Now, using AIMaps, not only do you get the high-level asset overview you want, you also get the detailed data and mapping capabilities you need—all designed to make your job simpler and faster, just like that smartphone in your pocket. Now that's what we call intelligent technology. To learn more about AIMaps' state-of-the-art asset mapping, survey and task management, and reporting capabilities, visit or call 1 800-674-3584.

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