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Corrosion Management for Pipeline Integrity 2018

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9 CORROSION MANAGEMENT FOR PIPELINE INTEGRIT Y SUPPLEMENT TO MP MATERIALS PERFORMANCE JUNE 2018 There exists a need for better inspection technologies that enable improved assessment of pipeline health. Monitoring and quantifying corrosion, mass/surface loss, and protective coating degradation—especially on hard-to-access underground pipe- lines—are major industry needs. Embedded sensing under the coat- ing on the pipe surface can provide a practical solution. Analatom, Inc. has developed the Corrosion Health Monitoring System (CHMS) with its array of postage stamp-sized micro linear polarization resistance (µLPR) sensors providing direct real-time measurements of structure corrosion rates. µLPR sensors, mounted onto thin flex circuit cables, are installed under the coating of a pipeline section and connected to the aboveground CHMS data acquisition (DAQ) electronics. The CHMS can be powered from a compact, ruggedized solar panel, and is designed for straightforward installation in the field. Included are relative humidity and temperature sensing to monitor critical environmental factors needed in pipeline corrosion model- ing. Sensor data is stored locally until uploaded by the host system. Pipeline In Situ Corrosion Monitoring CHMS host software converts LPR data into structure corrosion rates, total corrosion, and mass/surface loss. Continuous in situ monitoring of pipe corrosion rate and coating integrity gives early warning of mass loss and coating degradation for preventive action on a more efficient condition-based maintenance scheduling program. Initial test pipe and follow-on operating gas pipeline field instal- lations in New York State, that were made possible by sponsoring NYSEARCH/Northeast Gas Association members, lasting 13 months and to date six-plus months, respectively ; demonstrate that CHMS technology is robust and reliable under harsh field conditions, and that µLPR sensor data closely correlate to structural mass/surface losses. Analatom, Inc. Analatom, Inc., a world-class engineering company, provides advanced hardware and software corrosion sensing/monitoring solutions for condition-b ased maintenance (CBM) and structural health monitoring (SHM) of high value assets, including aircraft, bridges, heavy equipment, buildings/facilities, helicopters, ships, vehicles, wind turbines, refineries, and pipelines. Incorporating advanced embedded sensor technologies, wireless and wired data acquisition units, and state-of-the-art diagnostics and prognostics software, our application specific systems monitor and quantify corrosion, strain, and environmental conditions, enabling both operators and maintainers to assess the health status of their structure. Total cost of ownership is reduced while extending the life-cycle of critical structures through more efficient CBM scheduling . Shown is in stallation on operating pipeline of a corrosion sensor array, with its solar powered, cellular linked data acquisition unit. For further information contact: Analatom Inc. 4655 Old Ironsides Dr., Suite 130 Santa Clara, CA 95054 1 (408) 980-9516

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