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JUL 2018

Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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INDEX OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES Polyguard Products, Inc. Rustibus, Inc. Sponge-Jet, Inc. W Abrasives—A Brand of Winoa Vacuum/Dust Collection Clemco Industries Corp. Dehumidification Technologies, LP Vector Technologies, Ltd. Water Blasting Equipment Aerospace Alloys, Inc. CHLOR RID International, Inc. HoldTight Solutions, Inc. Water Blasting Replacement Parts CHLOR RID International, Inc. MARINE/MARITIME Cathodic Protection BAC Corrosion Control, Ltd. CerAnode Technologies, a Division of APS Materials, Inc. Chemical Newtech SpA.—Titanium Anodes IRT Integrated Rectifier Technologies, Inc. Seaguard International—Canada Metal Corrosion Control and Prevention Advance Products & Systems, Inc. BORIN Manufacturing, Inc. CerAnode Technologies, a Division of APS Materials, Inc. Farwest Corrosion Control Co. Seaguard International—Canada Metal Stone Tucker Instruments, Inc. Zerust Corrosion Solutions (Northern Tech Intl. Corp.) Design Services Lambda Technologies Seaguard International—Canada Metal Education and Training IMechE Engineering Training Solutions NACE International Norton Corrosion, Ltd. Engineering Ashland Performance Materials GMC Electrical, Inc. General Coating Automatic Coating, Ltd. Denso North America Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc. (SPC) Termarust Technologies Trenton Corp. Wasser Corp. Inspection Services Cescor, S.r.l. IMechE Engineering Training Solutions Interprovincial Corrosion Control Co., Ltd.— Rustrol Systems KTA-Tator, Inc. Park Derochie, Inc. Tinnea & Associates, LLC Risk-Based Inspection Cescor, S.r.l. DNV GL Surface Preparation GMA Americas HARSCO Hoff Co., Inc. Marine Metal Coatings, Inc. MONTI Tools, Inc. Rustibus, Inc. MATERIALS Abrasives Arizona Coating Applicators, Inc. Colonial Surface Solutions, Inc. Ervin Industries, Inc. F & S Surface Solutions, Inc. GMA Americas HARSCO Manus Abrasive Systems, Inc./Mod-U-Blast Manufacturing Marco MONTI Tools, Inc. Montipower, Inc. Sponge-Jet, Inc. W Abrasives—A Brand of Winoa Adhesives Absolute Coatings Borealis AG Clock Spring Co., Inc. SEMicro Division Sulzer Mixpac USA, Inc. Cleaning Chemicals HoldTight Solutions, Inc. Precision Iceblast Corp. StarChem Composites Chromaflo Technologies Clock Spring Co., Inc. Glas Mesh Co. Interplastic Corp. Kennametal, Inc. NRI RAM-100 International, LLC RPS Composites, Inc. Sponge-Jet, Inc. Copper Alloy Copper Nickel Task Group—Copper Development Association Sierra Alloys Co., Inc. Corrosion Inhibitors 3N International, Inc. Baker Hughes, Inc. BASF Building Systems CHLOR RID International, Inc. Cortec Corp. HoldTight Solutions, Inc. Kish Co., Inc., The Mascoat NRI PPG Protective and Marine Coatings Rivertop Renewables Superior Products International (SPI) Temp Coat Brand Products, LLC Warehouse Rentals and Supplies, The Electrical Grounding Anotec Industries, Ltd. LORESCO, Inc. Safetrack AB Fiberglass Materials AOC Resins Bedford Reinforced Plastics, Inc. Belding Tank Technologies, Inc. Composi Sleeve Denso North America Fisher Co. Hoff Co., Inc. RPS Composites, Inc. Simpson Strong-Tie Winn & Coales (Denso), Ltd. Flue Gas Desulfurization Components AZZ, Inc. Langley Alloys, Inc. RPS Composites, Inc. Forgings BGH Edelstahlwerke, GmbH High Performance Alloys, Inc. Schmidt + Clemens Group Garnet GMA Americas Grout B & W Distributors, Inc. BASF Building Systems Lubricants Arkema, Inc. Biodeterioration Control Associates, Inc. Metal/Alloy Products Aerospace Alloys, Inc. Allegheny Technologies, Inc. Alloy Stainless Products Co./ASP Anotec Industries, Ltd. BGH Edelstahlwerke, GmbH Copper Nickel Task Group—Copper Development Association Corrmet Engineering Services Corrosion Materials, Inc. Deepwater Corrosion Services Dixie Testing and Products, Inc. Earth Shield Waterstop Edmonton Exchanger and Manufacturing, Ltd. H.C. Starck, Inc. High Performance Alloys, Inc. NEOTISS P.A., Inc. PRV Metals 32 JULY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM

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