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JUL 2018

Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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INDEX OF SUPPLIERS, MANUFACTURERS, & CONSULTANTS Cortec ® Corp. 4119 White Bear Pkwy., St. Paul, MN 55110, USA. Tel: 1 800-426-7832 or +1 651-429-1100. Fax: +1 651-429-1122. Web site: www.cortecvci. com. Email: Cortec ® Corp. is the global leader in innovative, environmen - tally responsible VpCI ® and MCI ® corrosion control technologies for packaging, metalwork - ing, construction, electronics, water treatment, oil and gas, and other industries. Our relentless dedication to sustainability, quality, service, and support is unmatched in the industry. Headquar - tered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cortec ® manufac - tures over 400 products distributed worldwide. ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 17025 certified. See p. 10 for our ad. ● Cosasco (Rohrback) Web site: Cott Manufacturing Co. Web site: ● Covestro Web site: ● Critical Control Web site: Crompion International Web site: ● Crossbridge Compliance, LLC Web site: ● CSS Industrial & Commercial Maintenance, LLC Web site: CTI Industries Web site: CTI Industries Web site: Cumberland Cathodic Protection, Ltd. Web site: ● Curtin University of Technology Web site: Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd. Web site: Dairyland Electrical Industries, Inc. PO Box 187, Stoughton, WI 53589, USA. Tel: +1 608-877-9900. Fax: +1 608-877-9920. Web site: Email: marketing@ Established in 1983, Dairyland applies the concepts of isolation, grounding, and over-voltage protection to a wide variety of applications including: AC voltage mitigation, insulated joint protection, gradient control mats and decoupling, separating structures with cathodic protection from grounding systems, and many more. Dairyland's solid-state solutions are trusted around the world to provide the industry's safest and most reliable decoupling and protection. Dairyland's design techniques lead to proven long life and maintenance-free operation. Dairyland is the leader in the industry with popular products such as the PCR, SSD, OVP, and OVP2, as well as a full line of acces - sories to make installation quick and easy. Dairyland is an ISO 9001:2015-certified com - pany positioned to deliver the exceptional product quality and service customers expect. See p. 15 for our ad. ● Dalco Services, Inc. Web site: Dale Fastener Supply Web site: ● Dalla Riva Aust. Pty., Ltd. (DRA) Web site: ● Dampney Co., Inc. Web site: Daubert Cromwell Web site: ● Daya Secadyme Sdn. Bhd. Web site: ● DECO Coatings Web site: Deepwater Corrosion Services Web site: DeFelsko Corp. 800 Proctor Ave., Ogdensburg, NY 13669, USA. Tel: 1 800-448-3835 or +1 315-393-4450. Fax: +1 315-393-8471. Web site: Email: DeFelsko, a leading U.S. manufacturer of inspection instru - ments, manufactures the PosiTector series of interchangeable probes for measuring coating thickness, profile, environmental conditions, salt contamination, hardness, concrete moisture, and wall thickness. Products include the Posi - Tector 6000 coating thickness gage, the Posi - Tector SST soluble salt tester for measuring soluble salt contamination, the PosiTest LPD low voltage pinhole detector for detecting holidays and other flaws in coatings, and the PosiTector SHD shore hardness durometer for measuring the hardness of pipe wraps, plastics, rubbers, and more. See pp. 29 & 40 for our ads. Dehumidification Technologies, LP Web site: ● DEKOTEC, GmbH Web site: ● Delaware Manufacturing Industrial Corp. Web site: Delta Tech Service, Inc. Web site: ● Demilec (USA), LLC Web site: De Nora Tech, LLC 7590 Discovery Ln., Concord, OH 44077, USA. Tel: +1 440-710-5300. Fax: +1 440-710-5301. Web site: Cathodic-Protection.html. Email: dntinfo@ De Nora is a pioneer and leader in the field of mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes for over 40 years with the longest-life anodes for superior system performance. Tens of thou - sands of groundbeds have been installed worldwide using Lida ® anodes. De Nora pro - vides a full range of anode structures including tubes, wire, rod, ribbon, and linear flexible geometries. De Nora can provide virtually any anode configuration to meet your special needs. For additional information, visit our web site at See p. 49 for our ad. ● DENSO, GmbH Web site: Get the latest corrosion news online and on-the-go! Brought to you by Materials Performance (MP), the world's largest circulation magazine dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control. 48 JULY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM

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