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JUL 2018

Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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INDEX OF SUPPLIERS, MANUFACTURERS, & CONSULTANTS ● ISTI Plant Services Web site: ● Istituto Italiano Saldatura Web site: ● Italfond S.p.A. Web site: ● IT-Service Web site: IUPAT Finishing Trades Institute Web site: JANX Web site: ● Japan Carboline Co., Ltd. Web site: Jennings Anodes USA, Inc. Web site: Jet de Sable Houle Sandblast Web site: Jet-Lube, Inc. Web site: ● Jewel Welding Pipe-Fab Web site: John D. Mercer & Associates, Inc. Web site: Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group Web site: Joseph Oat Corp. 2500 Broadway, Camden, NJ 08104, USA. Tel: +1 856-541-2900. Fax: +1 856-541-0864. Web site: Email: sales@ Joseph Oat Corp. is a world- renowned designer and fabricator of pressure vessels, reactors, columns, heat exchangers, and other specialty items for use in chemical/petro - chemical and other process industries; nuclear and commercial power plants; radioactive mate - rial storage and transportation; as well as for many other applications. Family owned and operated since 1788, the company has built its reputation by providing high-quality equipment using a myriad of corrosion-resistant alloys for highly demanding and critical applications. In addition to performing mechanical and thermal rating of heat exchangers, Joseph Oat also performs seismic analysis and finite element analysis on pressure vessels of all types when required by customer specification. See p. 24 for our ad. JRGO, LLC 2193 Northway Dr., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858, USA. Tel: +1 989-772-8888. Fax: +1 989-772-7778. Web site: JRGO, LLC provides atmospheric inspection of bridge, pipeline, and coatings; CP system troubleshooting; CP test point surveys; rectifier and bond monitoring; leak patrols; short locating; RMU installation; close interval survey; soil resistivity; GIS services; line locating; conventional and deep anode bed installation and excavation; integrity/anomaly digs; test station installation; AC/DC mitigation; shorted casing remediation and/or removal; and ECDA/ICDA indirect, direct, pre, and post assessments. See p. 55 for our ad. ● JTL Consulting, Ltd. Web site: ● Kansai Altan Boya San. Tic. As Web site: KEMA Coatings, Ltd. Web site: Kennametal, Inc. Web site: Kern Steel Fabrication, Inc. Web site: Key Resin Co. Web site: Khurram Engineering Co. Web site: Kingston Technical Software (KTS) Web site: Kinyon Construction, Inc. Web site: Kirk Engineering Co., Inc. Web site: Kish Co., Inc., The Web site: ● KTA-Tator, Inc. Web site: Kurita Water Industries, Ltd. Web site: ● Kuwait Pipe Industries and Oil Services Co. Web site: Laboratorio Pruebas Electroquimicas Web site: ● Lake Superior Consulting Web site: Lambda Technologies Web site: ● L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, Ltd. Web site: Langley Alloys, Inc. Web site: LatinCorr Web site: ● L.B. Foster Co. Web site: ● Ledcor Industrial Maintenance, Ltd. Web site: ● Libert Paints NV Web site: ● Liberty Speciality Steels Web site: our-businesses/liberty-steel/liberty-speciality- steels. ● Life Last, Inc. Web site: ● Lindsay Development, LLC Web site: Liner e Coating do Brazil Web site: ● LINE-X, LLC Web site: LIN SCAN Advanced Pipeline & Tank Services Web site: ● LinTec Corp. Web site: Lloyd's Register EMEA Web site: Loftis Co., The Web site: php?rtn=services. Long Painting Co. Web site: ● Lopez Tank Lining, LLC Web site: NACE International offers covering every aspect of corrosion control in all industries. For more information, 54 JULY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM

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