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JUL 2018

Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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INDEX OF SUPPLIERS, MANUFACTURERS, & CONSULTANTS NOV Fiber Glass Systems Web site: ● NRI Web site: NTPC, Ltd. Web site: Nukote Coating Systems International Web site: ● Nuricon Petroservices Pte. Web site: O'Brien Corp. Web site: ● Oceaneering International, Inc. Web site: ● Ocean Rubber Factory, LLC Web site: ● Ohlsen Right of Way & Maintenance, Inc. Web site: ● OMNI Metals Laboratory, Inc. Web site: ● Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. Web site: ● Osnar Paints & Contracts Pvt., Ltd. Web site: Owens Corning FOAMGLAS ® Insulation 800 Presque Isle Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15239, USA. Web site: FOAMGLAS ® cellular glass insulation has proven its perfor - mance, value, and versatility for over 70 years in a variety of applications. Whether you're concerned with hot or cold applications, we have solutions for operating temperatures rang - ing from –450 to 900 °F (–268 to 482 °C). Any insulation can provide short-term results. But FOAMGLAS ® Insulation will address your insula - tion needs for the long term. Tested at the temperatures and under the toughest condi - tions that any industry could inflict, the noncom - bustible properties of FOAMGLAS ® Insulation are unmatched. FOAMGLAS ® Insulation is engineered to resist corrosion in any environ - ment. Even under a variety of temperature and humidity conditions, FOAMGLAS ® Insulation retains its dimensionally stable properties. Proven over decades of in-the-field perfor - mance, FOAMGLAS ® Insulation is known for its high compressive strength. See p. 9 for our ad. Oxbow Calcining International, LLC Web site: P.A., Inc. Web site: Pan American Industries, Inc. Web site: Pancardo Ingenieria, S.A. de C.V. Web site: ● Park Derochie, Inc. Web site: ● Parsons Web site: Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc. 316 N.E. First St., Pompano Beach, FL 33060, USA. Tel: 1 800-762-2478 or +1 954-946-9454. Fax: +1 954-946-9309. Web site: www.gardco. com. Email: (GARDCO) Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc. is a distributor, pro - ducer, and designer of quality physical testing and inspection instruments for the paint, coat - ings, and related industries. These include the automotive, aerospace, specialty chemical, petroleum, plastics, pharmaceutical, food, and corrosion, among others. Visit our web site at, which includes full descrip - tions, instructions, specification references, instructional videos, and prices. See p. 28 for our ad. PCA Engineering, Inc. Web site: ● PCC Metals Group Web site: ● PDI Solutions, LLC Web site: Pennsylvania Machine Works, Inc. Web site: ● Penspen Corp. Web site: Perfect Facilities, Ltd. Web site: ● Performance Blasting & Coating, LP Web site: Performance Wire & Cable, Inc. Web site: Perma-Pipe Middle East (FZC) Web site: Petronas Research & Scientific Web site: Petrustech Oil and Gas Web site: ● Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, LLC Web site: Picon FRP, Inc. Web site: Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. Web site: Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. Web site: ● Pipeline Controls & Services Web site: ● Pipeline Inspection Co. Web site: Pipeline Services, LLC Web site: ● Pipeline Systems & Technology Web site: ● Pipetech Corp., Ltd. Web site: Pipe Valve & Fitting Web site: Pittsburg Tank & Tower Co., Inc. Web site: Plains Fabrication and Supply Web site: ● PMAC Group Web site: ● Polyguard Products, Inc. PO Box 755, Ennis, TX 75120, USA. Tel: +1 281- 580-5700. Web site: Polyguard's RD-6 Corrosion Coating system is a patented non-shielding coating used for new construction and pipeline rehab. We also offer various accessory products such as a UV protec - tion of the system, an abrasion-resistant over - coat, a non-shielding unbonded outerwrap (SP-6), and other innovative products used by contractors in all types of conditions worldwide. Our unique two-part epoxy (NHT-5600) is also available for both new construction and pipe rehab projects. NHT-5600 offers a longer pot life than other epoxies on the market. We also manufacture NHT-6100 for high-temperature conditions. See inside front cover for our ad. ● PPG Industries, Inc. Web site: ● PPG Performance Coatings (Hong Kong), Ltd. Web site: 58 JULY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM

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