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JUL 2018

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Monday, April 16, 2018 Plenary Lecturer Andresen Shares 45 Years of Corrosion Lessons Learned NACE West Asia & Africa Area Presents Middle East Corrosion Challenges Peter Andresen, FNACE, presented this year's Plenary Lecture, "A Brief History of Environmental Cracking," to a packed house. Andresen, formerly with GE and currently with Andresen Consulting, gave the audience an insight into his 45-year career, which focused on environmentally assisted cracking (EAC) and crack growth rates. Along with providing an overview of The biggest threat in the Middle East and Africa is corrosion attack. In its forum, "The War Against Corrosion in the Middle East and Africa," the NACE West Asia & Africa Area presented the corrosion issues and mitigation techniques specific to the region, which encounters extreme conditions throughout the year. Corrosion experts from the Middle East and Africa presented case studies of corrosion in the different EAC failures as well as a brief history of cracking experienced in industry, Andresen's lecture addressed some EAC "lore" and many of the common assump- tions that have been proven untrue. "Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is more complex than other insidious forms of corrosion like pitting and crevice corrosion," Andresen said. He asserted that "we only know one percent of what there is to know about EAC," and challenged the audience to take a different perspective on SCC. Many classic perspectives on SCC are wrong, he noted, including immunity and thresholds. Researchers often pursue a single fix for SCC; however, this does not exist. He indicated that researchers need to consider variables together rather than in isolation, as dependencies exist between them. area that illustrated the extreme conditions that make corrosion control more challenging and the reasons why the area is still winning its war against corrosion. Additionally, the forum explored the potential for corrosion control businesses in the area. Heading the discussion was Adama Gaye, a Senegalese expert known internationally for his authority on Africa's geopolitics, natural resources, and strategic importance in world affairs. Gaye runs a private public relations and business consultancy that advises governments, companies, and international media operating in Africa. He is also a leading author in Africa and one of the top commentators and analysts on African affairs for the main media organizations of the world. Adama Gaye discusses business opportunities in Africa at the Middle East forum. 68 JULY 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM CORROSION 2018 RECAP

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